4th of July Freedom Run

On this 4th of July I had the privilege of running up and down the beach in search of Allan, a 10-year-old child who was missing. I was able to locate him a few miles down and get him back safely to his family. The mom and aunt were running towards me crying because they thought their child was lost but was found. As I was leaving the family, the Lord brought to my attention His heart and how it hurts because He sees many of His children wandering throughout this world, confused, lost and fearful. Caught up in so many things that are so trivial in comparison to eternity and His plan for our lives.

We are most certainly blessed to be living in the United States, a country where we have freedom. But just as we shouldn’t ever take our physical, humanitarian freedoms for granted, I pray we don’t ever take the spiritual freedoms found in the Cross of Jesus Christ for granted either. Life was meant to be lived in Spiritual freedom and in close Communion with The Lord; renewed minds, restored hearts, healed bodies, freed souls. I pray that if you feel like your life is going in circles and you don’t know where to go, look up to the Heavens, believe and ask Jesus to forgive, direct and set you free. He loves you and He wants to bring you back home!

“If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.” - John 8:36