A Coffee A Day

Last week, I went to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. As I was waiting in line, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to pay for purchase of the man behind me. This was a very interesting calling. I had heard of people doing it before but felt a little awkward approaching this man. When I told him what I was doing, he was so grateful and just said how that made his day. Pretty cool and knew God had been using me to brighten up this mans morning.

Well this morning I went into grab a cup of coffee and the barista said, "Hey! aren't you that guy who owns the nonprofit?" I told her I was. "That man you bought the coffee for last week, was in the morning and bought someone elses coffee for them. He said he was touched by what you did for him. And decided to do the same."

A lot of times when we are led to do something, we assume that it may be awkward or may not make a difference in this world. But if you shine light, it removes the darkness, frustration, hurt that occurs in this world and the lives of those around us. Next time you feel led to do something, step out in boldness and faith that God is using you to light up this world. Such a beautiful thing, that the God of the universe wants to and is using YOU as a vessel of His love.

God is so good and He loves everyone! He does not love the sin or the things they do that are not of His being. But God sees everyone's potential and we are to remind them that they have potential. They are loved and they are not their past, their history.