Every month I will be sending out updates, stories and plans for future endeavors in regards to the outreach. I seek to encourage and keep you informed on what I am doing each month.


What Happened in July?


Wow! What an amazing summer we have had. This past month, we fed around 60 people but I was able to go over to El Salvador with a group of physical therapists, occupational therapists nurses and paramedics, and over 500 people were treated!

> During our time in El Salvador, we had a chance to see people with back problems, knee problems, rashes, burns, colds, coughs. Some even had issues of nonstop bleeding and issues with their sight. We had chances to pray with many!


Meet J.R.

Meet JR. You can't see his face but most of the time you would not be able to. We met when he was sitting on the side of 52nd or 53rd and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. JR usually had his head down and it is stuffed in the hood of his coat. When I got to talking to him, I asked him how he got to where he was. He did not smell of alcohol or seem to be dealing with any addictions to drugs. "I was in a really bad marriage and I wanted to divorce my wife. I moved from California to Pennsylvania for her. All of my stuff was taken from me in the divorce." JR spoke about how he had started a painting business when he made the move but his ex-wife took everything from him.

I gave JR a sandwich but what occurred to me, pretty simply, was that he was not hungry as much as lonely and depressed. He was missing happiness and seemed to be missing life. If you ever come across JR, one of the things I came to know is that he really likes Arizona Iced Tea's, specifically the one with the grape flavor. There is a Duane Reade on practically every corner in Midtown Manhattan, it should not be hard to find one for him if you meet him. We talked for a bit and I said to JR, "I'll be back to see you tomorrow." The next day, I walked around to look for JR but I never found him. I used Duane Reade as my point of reference but I could not find him.

The next day, I decided to search for him one more time. Being very sure of the corner he was sitting at, I went back. Woo! There was JR! Sitting on his crate, holding this sign. When I approached him, I shouted, "JR!" He looked up, as if no one had said his name in years. He said, "I have been out here for three years and you are the only person who said they would come back and ever did!" Honestly, as I rewrite this story, I am almost in tears. It touched my heart but it also is heart breaking knowing some people truly feel alone in their life. In a world of 7.5 billion people, many may still feel alone!

Please be praying for JR that he would believe in himself again and walk into a new life. A lot of times, we need to have hope restored into our lives and minds. He has been so broken and I believe that Jesus is the only one who will reach far enough into his life to restore everything! Lord, please restore life to JR and I pray for anyone out there who is alone and lonely, that you would send more people to surround them and show them how loved they truly are!" Amen.

I am looking to go full time into doing this ministry. Currently, I am in the process of sending out mailers and am praying for financial doors of support to open up to grow the ministry. If you would like to be a monthly donor you can do that by clicking below. A Time For Change Movement is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

* All Donations at Tax Deductible*



August was another amazing month! The Movement of love is growing and lives are being touched in coming to know Jesus and by coming in contact with other people who want to serve and show compassion.

There are a few leaders that may be starting a once a month outreach in their areas in September, please be praying for the following areas and their leaders:
> Brazil (Rio, Brasilia and Sao Paulo)
> Orlando, Florida
> Jacksonville, Florida
> Johnson City, Tennessee
> Long Island, New York
> Manhattan, New York


My friend Heather and I are starting a Youth Group this week. Every other Wednesday, we will be doing a Bible study to help High School students in the Jacksonville, Florida area grow closer and to know the love of Jesus through a relationship with Him. As of now, we have around 12 students who will be in attendance. Last night, I spoke to one student and he said, "Me and So-And-So were taking about how we both think we need to start a Bible club with Steve and grow closer with God again!!!! (exclamation points added for extreme awesomeness)" Wow!

Please be praying for Bartram High School as that is the school we are reaching out to. Please be praying for the students, the parents and the staff at the school. Last year when I joined up, we started doing Young Life Youth Group there, and during this time students were asking to be baptized but at the same time, there were over 5 bomb threats within the first semester. Amazing things are happening but we do at times see opposition. However, Jesus is alive! And we are so excited to share that. Prayers for protection and for the students to keep pushing forward in their faith!

Won't you join us as we seek to change this world?


What we are asking for is prayers from you all! Please be praying for:
> The hearts of the people we are reaching, that they would come to know Jesus and receive His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness
> For nothing but the love of God and His compassion to be the driving force of this Movement
> Guidance from the Holy Spirit in all we do
> That we would always seek to remain and trust in Jesus for all of our needs
> For a continued increase in volunteers and workers
> The hearts of donors, as they help us in providing the finances to grow this outreach
> Doors to open. The past month we have applied to a few grants. I am believing for opportunity to arise with the increase in support
> For the locals in El Salvador (who we were able to treat) for healing and deliverance from the sickness and oppression they deal with.
> For the new mothers and those families who are expecting children, for their health and protection.
> Please be praying for those affected by all of the Hurricanes, especially those in Houston, Texas.


**We will be sending out our next email at the end of September/beginning of October. We welcome all to the Movement and if you would like to get in touch, please visit us online at:


As this month has gone on, I have come to realize how busy I have made myself and have not allowed as much time as in the past to just spend talking with Jesus. I pray that we all can do this daily! That we would come to Him, speak and learn to listen to His loving words. May we all drink from His eternal living water.  That we, like the Samaritan woman at the well, would seek to daily drink from the Everlasting Water Jesus provides and we will never be thirsty again! Bless you all!

Steve Meehan
Founder & President


What an amazing year we have had! There not only are homeless people hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, but people are desiring to come out more often and volunteer. What God is doing in peoples lives, the selflessness in this world is absolutely amazing! Seeing the hearts of these people together, connecting the homeless and the volunteers, is such a beautiful thing. No longer will we allow financial struggles, addictions, mental disorders or any other type of physical, mental or spiritual indifference stand in the way of the ways we will be loving one another. Jesus' love is the one uniting us. Thank you Jesus!!!