Anna: The Homeless Pastor

The other day I was praying and God told me that I would meet someone today and I was to pray for them. Okay! Arriving upon one of my jobs, there was a woman sitting outside. “I am just resting for a moment,” she said nervously. I said it was fine if she wanted to stay. After walking into the shop I work at, I felt I was to welcome her in. She respectfully declined but I sat down with her and we spoke about our faith; for SEVEN HOURS! This woman was homeless but if I had not known that, my thoughts would have been that she was a pastor or the wife of a pastor; theologically sound and experienced much within her relationship with the Lord. But something happened to her, and among the 95% of the amazing things she was talking about, 5% were just of utter despair. It broke my heart and even caused me to cry for a bit. She told me that she had been in just a great confusion and she was struggling to come back to the Lord. Wow, what a sad thing. But we got to talk about amazing things that God has done and is doing. The beautiful sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the need of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. “It is vital that you have a relationship with God, this is the most important thing. He is all about having a relationship with us.” What a beautiful thing.

God is a Father. This is truth. And He is an amazing Father. So what Father, wouldn't want to have a relationship with His Sons and Daughters? The answer is no father. As we are called to new places in life, I pray that we all learn to spend time with God the Father. Thank Jesus Christ for His death and resurrection to new life. And walk according to the Holy Spirits leading. There is a beautiful unity within the Holy Trinity. I pray we all spend time in the Word of God (the Bible) and we walk where He leads. This is the time to change this world. To bring Heaven to Earth. Jesus, when teaching how to pray said, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Let us be this reality of God's love today and all days. We can and will change this world! God bless you all!