Every month we will be sending out updates, stories and plans for future endeavors in regards to the outreach. We seek to encourage and keeps you informed on what we are doing each month.


What Happened in May?

This past month, we had the opportunity to feed around 100 homeless people, share the gospel and pray for many of the people and were able to feed a bunch of hungry construction workers up in New York!

> One of our homeless friends Woody is now in an apartment! We saw him with our other friend Mavis, and he said because he was a war veteran, that he would be eligible for help with housing. Woo! Praise God!


Meet Robert

Robert is a homeless man who lives in Georgia. We met one cold day in Savannah. He was sitting on a park bench, watching people play tennis. Robert is quiet but very kind. Robert loves coffee, with lots of sugar. When I sat down with him, we got to talking about his childhood and how he was raised in Savannah. He spoke about how he used to be the captain of the marching band and how much he loved to play the trombone. I believe he said Barry Whites music was his favorite to play.

After a few minutes of learning about his background, I had the chance to talk with him a bit about how God loves him, regardless of his situation, which had been a little hard for him at the time. The entire time we sat there, he had his shoes off and his whole body was shivering. It was probably 40 degrees out but his clothes much have been wet, so I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee to warm him up. His attention quickly jumped towards the idea. Once I brought the coffee and returned, he pulled out a pen, stuck it in the coffee, stirred it and told me how he needed more sugar. I realized that I immediately became Roberts personal coffee barista, which was fine with me. I was happy just knowing that he would be a little warmer because of it.

The same day, I think I ran into Robert two or three different times around town. He was walking around with holes in his sweatshirt, socks and shoes, and I could see he was in need. I have yet to see him again but I hope one day I get another opportunity to hang with my friend Robert and buy him a cup of coffee, with lots of sugar. Please keep Robert in your prayers!


Easter Sunday morning, I woke up and could not walk straight. We were not sure what was wrong and that evening I ended up in the Emergency Room and spent the next week under the hospitals care.  After 6 MRI's, CT Scans, a Lumbar Puncture and more blood drawn then I care to remember, they came to the conclusion that my vestibular nerve was being attacked by multiple viruses. The test came back positive for Viral Meningitis, Shingles and the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which according to the Neurologist, can kill you in a few days. Phew, thank God for the healing and for life!

Once I was released from the hospital, I spent the next week going to Neurologists, Infectious Disease Doctors and ENT's, running tests and planning for future treatments. The doctors agreed that I needed to have a PICC Line put in my arm that would run directly to my heart, and that I should be on 6 hours of Intravenous Medication for 10 days. Not a fun 10 days. The past eight weeks have been filled with dizziness, vertigo, nausea, weakness, migraines and last week, bronchitis. The dizziness is subsiding and day by day I am walking more, building strength back, increasing stability and preparing for an amazing rest of 2017! My body is fighting back and I am so blessed for all the support and love from friends and family.

Thank you all for the prayers, I love you all and feel so blessed to have had you all in my life, at one point or another. I know God is working this out and last week we had a chance to get back to the streets, feed people, pray for a few, see some old friends and make some new ones. We are excited for the future months. June is looking bright (and very warm) and we ask that you would please keep the volunteers and myself in your prayers are we are continually moving forward with the Movement.

Won't you join us as we seek to change this world?

What we are asking for is prayers from you all! Please be praying for:
> The hearts of the people we are reaching, that they would come to know Jesus and receive His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.
> For nothing but the love of God and His compassion to be the driving force of this Movement
> Guidance from the Holy Spirit in all we do
> That we would always seek to remain and trust in Jesus for all of our needs
> For a continued increase in volunteers and workers
> The hearts of donors, as they help us in providing the finances to grow this outreach
> Doors to open. The past few weeks we have applied to over $100,000 worth of grants. Believing for opportunity to arise with the increase in support


**We will be sending out our next email at the end of June. We welcome all to the Movement and if you would like to get in touch, please visit us online at:


May you all come to know the love, peace and freedom found in Jesus Christ! May God bless you all!

Steve Meehan
Founder & President

What an amazing year we have had! There not only are homeless people hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, but people are desiring to come out more often and volunteer. What God is doing in peoples lives, the selflessness in this world is absolutely amazing! Seeing the hearts of these people together, connecting the homeless and the volunteers, is such a beautiful thing. No longer will we allow financial struggles, addictions, mental disorders or any other type of physical, mental or spiritual indifference stand in the way of the ways we will be loving one another. Jesus' love is the one uniting us. Thank you Jesus!!!