Being A Blessing With What You Already Have

Throughout the world, work places, circle of friends, school, there are people in need. Well the beauty is that we have been put there for a specific purpose and you are carrying what someone may be in need of. When we see or think of the homeless people of our world, they of course need food and clothes, and of course shelter. But what was quickly learned during my travels, was they really just wanted someone to talk to.

When you are faced with someone who you know is hurting and in need, think of what it is they may be searching for. Is it as simple as a friendly. "How are you?" or is it more than that? Is it a deeper issue? Sometimes what people need is a lot simpler than we assume, and it may cost us nothing. I honestly do not believe that the reason more people reach out to the homeless and poor in our world is because of finances but out of fear of someone who is different.

Our country, since the beginning of its development, has been fighting issues that are based on many different factors. Some are racial, others are religious, and some are just out of spite (which is sad). But the next barrier, I believe, is the economic one. It seems that in many of the bigger cities in the United States, there is actually the declination of the middle class.


This is a difficult issue and may be the biggest struggle for many but it is not fair to put someone, primarily the homeless people, into a box. A box that not only ostracizes them from businesses, restaurants, but it is dehumanizing and removes the love that everyone deserves. One way we can do this, is to volunteer at your local soup kitchen, or go through your closets and donate old clothes to a local shelter.

"If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion--how can God's love be in that person?" - 1 John 3:17

God has blessed you for a purpose. And it is not just to live richly. But to be a blessing to others around you. Of course, that does not mean that you have to go give someone your car or your home, but maybe to make a family you know that is in need a meal or two. Not all are called to go out and wander the streets in search for the homeless brothers and sisters in need. But you are in a spot where you can be used if you allow and listen to the leading of God's Spirit on your heart. You are the change if you want to be.

Surrender your heart and will and let the One who is all loving, all forgiving and all compassionate show you more love you then you know and help you become a blessing to this world and those around you!