The other day, I had a vision that helped me understanda little bit of what Jesus did for you and I. It all started with a gun pointed at me (not sure why this is where the vision started) and my life was in jeopardy. When all of a sudden, my twin brother, came from out of nowhere, and he said, "I got this."

Now my brother is a big guy but what happened next brought tears to my eyes (literally). For some reason I knew there was only one bullet in the gun and it was going to be used on someone. "BANG!" My brother was on the ground, not moving. Before the shot, it was as if we had once of those twin moments; our thoughts were connected and I heard him say, "You are an amazing person and you are going to change the world. I want to take this so that you have a chance to live out your purpose; to live a life of love and teach others to do the same" (he probably knows me better than anyone).

As I stood in work, this vision hit me like a freight train. I was listening to worship music and just started crying. Realizing more and more Jesus came for so much more than we may understand, experience or know; as we seek God, there is always more revealed by His Holy Spirit daily. He came and took on the death and penalty we were faced with, so that through Him as our Savior, we could live out Gods original purpose for our lives. All debt, all payments, all punishment, now paid, by the blood of the Precious Lamb, Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

"Jesus said, 'It is finished!'And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit." - John 19:30