The Full Moon

Earlier this week, there was a full moon in the sky. It was a beautiful sight because not only was there an amazing brightness but the clouds were arranged in what seemed to be the most beautiful pattern.  I wanted to photograph this view, unfortunately I had been driving and couldn't stop. This bummed me out because I thought that this would be my only chance to see it.

A lot of times, I feel this is the idea many have about being in the beautiful presence and light of God. He seems to be confined to Christian activities; church service, Sunday school, Bible studies. But the reality and truth is that God cannot be confined and He will not be. Yes, you feel His presence in the midst of those events because the focus is on Him. But just like the moon in the sky, He is visible from wherever we stand in life, if we just remember His omniscience. Sometimes it may be harder to see or feel His presence but Gods sovereignty cannot be hidden. Even if life is super hectic and feel we cannot stop, once we do, God will be there shinning His beautiful light right back into your life