Gives Thanks for His Love and Creation

If God didn't love us there would be: 

No beautiful sunrises and sunsets, just yellow skies.
No cool breezes at the perfect time during a long day in the heat, just more heat.
No relaxing crisp ocean scent and sound, just the every present smell of low tide.
No singing of the birds in the morning, just the loud disruption of lawn mowers and garbage trucks.

But because of Gods beauty we do have all things. These are some of the simplest treasures we experience each day. But may we never forget the One Beauty that combines all of those things and is above all.

The Cross. On the Cross, Jesus Christ came as a sign of Gods love, mercy, forgiveness, grace, compassion, gentleness (and more) for us all. Of course God wants you to enjoy His creations, but what if there is more beauties to this life? 
There is, it's found in a relationship with God made available through believing in Jesus Christ as your Savior and friend.