A Modern Day Abraham From Kentucky

One morning I was at work and a man walked in named Joe. Joe was from Kentucky. I could only understand a few words that he said but when He spoke, it was profound and from God. He told me how he was on vacation and how he wanted to get some information about surfing for his kids. Right off the bat, I knew this man was a family man. He was up early working to entertain the family. Joe told me how he worked in the coal mines and explained there have been some tough times where had lost his job and how he thought he was going to lose his job recently. But he said that when he did lose his job, he had to give it all to God. And this is where the inspiration started.

We started talking more about the need to surrender everything up to God, especially when things get tough. He told me how when his son was younger, he had chronic pancreatitis and no one could figure out why it was happening. "We went to doctors all over but no one was able to help my son." As Joe watched his child live in agonizing pain, he said it broke his heart. "I couldn't do anything. I remember sitting beside him and all I could do was lift him up to God; I felt like Abraham lifting Isaac up on the mountain. I said, 'God, if your will is to take him, Let Your will be done. Just please take this pain away'." Within a few days, he received a call from a long haired doctor (sounded like he may have been a hippie) with some news about someone who would do a surgery to heal him. The surgery taught his kidneys how to produce insulin because his pancreas was not. I do not understand nor claim to understand how this works but with God, ALL things are possible. Joe said his son is now in his teens and he is healthy and completely fine. His son gets yearly check up but everything is good.

Sometimes I try to figure out what God is doing. Okay I lied. Most of the time I try to figure out what God is doing. But He doesn't always let me in on what surprises are around the corner. Joe was such an encouragement because in the midst of trials and temptations to fall away or lose his faith, he stood his ground and he stayed firmly planted in trusting Jesus for all! When a difficulty comes, I pray that we all stay rooted and grounded in the everlasting, never ending love of Jesus. Believe me, I am talking to myself in this too (why I write these things down). He is all we need. He says, "Come to me you heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Man, this is so beautiful. If you are in the midst of a difficult time, lean onto Jesus. Look to Him for strength. Look to Him for hope. Look to Him for love. And remember, GOD IS IN CONTROL!