Every month I will be sending out updates, stories and plans for future endeavors in regards to the outreach. I seek to encourage and keep you informed on what I am doing each month.


What Happened in July?

This past month, we had the opportunity to feed around 80 homeless people, share the gospel and pray for many of the people met and were able to give out clothes, shoes and hygiene products to a bunch of people on the streets!

> One week right after the 4th of July, I met a man named "LG," stood for Love God. He told me how he was homeless since his wife passed. Now he is following Jesus, helping out a local homeless mission and is going to be in a new home soon! 


Meet David

David was one of the most interesting people I have met in a while. Right off the bat he basically told me why he was lying down on the grass with his bags as a pillow. “I spent too much time smoking weed and it doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I hate drinking and I just can’t get high anymore.” Wow, I didn’t know that was possible.

When we talked about faith and spirituality, he explained that he is an atheist however, if he had to direct someone to a specific religion, it would be Christianity. He talked about different stories and verses found in the Bible and how we could apply them to our lives. He was a true free thinker with an openness to it all. With so much insight and knowledge on the Bible, I asked how/why he concluded that there was no God? “I just was tired of feeling I had to go to church all the time. And I like to think scientifically and its hard to believe their is a magical being above us with all these powers.” We got to share life stories about how and why we have been influenced by people and our faith. With my own life, I was able to explain that it wasn’t until I followed Jesus and His example, that my understanding of God’s love came forth.

David was the nicest guy and was quite inspirational in his words. There was no hatred or judgment in his words even though we had different beliefs. While we may have different views on a higher being, man we could learn a lot from his approach. Love, understanding and compassion seemed to be the foundation of his thinking. Please be praying for David that he would receive a freed mind, to know the love of God and that he would make the choice to lay all His worries and troubles down at Jesus' feet and follow Him!

I am looking to go full time into doing this ministry. Currently, I am in the process of sending out mailers and am praying for financial doors of support to open up to grow the ministry. If you would like to be a monthly donor you can do that by clicking below. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit as of February 2017.

                                                                                                                              * All Donations at Tax Deductible*



July has been awesome! Within the first week of doing outreach, I ran into a few friends I made the past months and made a couple new ones. We found out that a few of our homeless friends that are connected with a local mission and they are helping them get their papers together for them to get new I.D. cards as well as helping them manage money, with plans of getting an apartment in a few months.

I also have sent out mailers to over 100 people letting them know what exactly it is that I am doing with A Time For Change Movement, discussing future plans and some additional opportunities to volunteer, pray and help support our efforts. If you have not received a mailer from us, that means we do not have your mailing address. That is okay! I am not mad at you =) I do however want to keep everyone informed and if you are interested, please click the link below to get you over to the our Contact form. Please title the Subject "Mailer" and in the Message Box, provide your Full Name and Address. 

Within the past few months, I have been in touch with individuals all over the world who are in love with Jesus and the way we at A Time For Change Movement are doing out outreaches. As of September, we will have monthly outreaches to the homeless, poor and needy in:

Brasilia, Brazil,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jacksonville, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Johnson City, Tennessee
West Haven, Connecticut

I am so excited to see the heart of people growing and the volunteers coming from all different areas of this world! My friend Isaiah and I prayed in a park one day after doing an outreach with the homeless, "Lord, send out the workers!" Within 5 minutes, a man (named Steve) came up to us and was sneakily trying to share Jesus with us. Woo, Praise God! He is so good, He hears our prayers and is answering! 

Won't you join us as we seek to change this world?

What we are asking for is prayers from you all! Please be praying for:
> The hearts of the people we are reaching, that they would come to know Jesus and receive His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness
> For nothing but the love of God and His compassion to be the driving force of this Movement
> Guidance from the Holy Spirit in all we do
> That we would always seek to remain and trust in Jesus for all of our needs
> For a continued increase in volunteers and workers
> The hearts of donors, as they help us in providing the finances to grow this outreach
> Doors to open. The past month we have applied to a few grants. I am believing for opportunity to arise with the increase in support
> For the Mission trip I will be taking to Mizata, El Salvador in August, for support and safety on the journey


**We will be sending out our next email at the end of August/beginning of September. We welcome all to the Movement and if you would like to get in touch, please visit us online at:


Thank you all for your love and support. I am so grateful to be walking out what I believe is the Lords calling for my life. Bless you both! 

Steve Meehan
Founder & President