A Time For Change Movement
Newsletter June 2017

Every month we will be sending out updates, stories and plans for future endeavors in regards to the outreach. We seek to encourage and keep you informed on what I am doing each month.



What Happened in June?

This past month, I had the opportunity to feed around 100 homeless people, share the gospel and pray for many of the people met and were able to give out clothes to and shoes to a bunch of people on the streets!

> A few months ago, I met this man who told me his name was Teach. He is one of the most intelligent people I have met both on the streets and off. Well as of the past few weeks, Teach is back teaching! Woo! Praise God for open doors!

Tonya Elijah.jpg

Meet Tonya and Elijah

Meet Elijah and Tonya. We met one freezing cold morning. They were both walking around covering themselves with blankets to stay warm. I had been originally looking for someone to give some food to.

When we got to talking they told me how they were heading to the public library to stay warm. There was next to nobody waking around because it was so cold that day. I had the privilege to talk and pray with them; for protection and doors to open to lead them out of homelessness (which happened)! At the time I only had one sandwich and Elijah made sure Tonya had it; he cared more about her being fed them himself. Such a beautiful thing. Right before they left, I was able to get them a bunch of warmer clothes to free them from having to use blankets for the rest of the winter. They are both beautiful people and are such a great example of how to have love and compassion for one another.

A few months ago, I was able to talk with Tonya and she told me that her and Elijah found a home back where they are originally from. There were some struggles trying to get out of the city we met in, but they are both in a home now. They ended up having a child together and his name is Elijah Jr. She also message this to me,

"I am working at hospital. God has done wonders in my life. I've learned i must put him first in my life to prosper."

God is so amazing! Seeing the difficulties that Tonya and Elijah have gone through has been crazy but praise God, because Jesus is healing people and taking the old things and making them new, giving homes to the homeless and new lives to the ones who may have not felt much alive. Please be praying for Tonya and Elijah and Elijah Jr.


This past month has been very interesting. I have added some things to the ministry. There is an increase on reaching out to the youth in our area with a continued pursuing and outreach to the homeless and needy. We are seeing high school students coming to know the love of God more, seeing students freed from drug addictions in Jesus' name, open doors for new jobs and first jobs for many. We also started a Bible study with a few high school students!

On the front lines of the homeless outreach, there has been an increase in the amount of volunteers seeking to get involved weekly! Woo, Praise God! A few weeks ago, we handed out a bunch of food and water and we prayed over the park we reach out to often. I prayed, "Lord, please send your laborers!" Basically, send out more people to join me in this outreach and movement. Wow, He never ceases to provide. It didn't happen last week, which was fine, because it poured for the whole week and we were unable to do much outreach. However, the past few weeks, its been sunny (at lunch time at least) and there have been three new volunteers who have joined me.

There seems to be a new life around the locations we have been going out to. Not only are there a bunch of little kids hanging out there, but I believe there seems to be a breaking of addictions and depressions and struggles in the homeless community. As we step out, we are seeing more familiar faces and some of our friends we are told are getting jobs and are no longer on the streets. Another Praise to the God who loves His children, every single one of us alike!

Won't you join us as we seek to change this world?

What we are asking for is prayers from you all! Please be praying for:
> The hearts of the people we are reaching, that they would come to know Jesus and receive His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness
> For nothing but the love of God and His compassion to be the driving force of this Movement
> Guidance from the Holy Spirit in all we do
> That we would always seek to remain and trust in Jesus for all of our needs
> For a continued increase in volunteers and workers
> The hearts of donors, as they help us in providing the finances to grow this outreach
> Doors to open. The past month we have applied to a few grants. I am believing for opportunity to arise with the increase in support
> For the Mission trip I will be taking to Mizata, El Salvador in August, for support and safety on the journey

**We will be sending out our next email at the end of July/beginning of August. We welcome all to the Movement and if you would like to get in touch, please visit us online at:


May you all come to know the love, peace and freedom found in Jesus Christ! May God bless you all!

Steve Meehan
Founder & President