Learning to Love

As I look around this world, I see many relationships built on many things but not always on love. And yet people still question, why doesn't our relationship, marriage, families work? Well, we are supposed to love our spouses and families the way that Jesus loves the Church. For a history and Spiritual lesson, Jesus forgave the church, loved the church, fed the church and when His Father saw where the church was going, He sent Jesus to go die for the very ones who were mocking Him and putting Him down.

We need to redefine what love looks like to this world. Of course, physical attraction is important, I am not saying it is not. But as lovers towards a spouse, we are to be understanding, patient, kind, gentle, forgiving, compassionate. Yet in the past, when someone I had dated hurt me, my reaction was to write them off or react irrationally. So tonight, if you are single, don't let it bother you. Let it become an opportunity to learn to love. Redefine what love is to your life and lean heavily upon God. He loves you and will show ya how to do what He does best.