Living What We Are Preaching

The other day I had been driving and I pulled up behind a guy driving. I noticed that on the back of his car, he has this sticker that read, "Texting and Driving, it can wait!" But when I switched lanes, I realized the guy had not been driving well because he was texting. "Wow!" I thought to myself. "That is kind of hypocritical." But then I realized something; that no body is perfect. Not me, not you, not your pastor, not your boss. I have seen road rage coming from a vehicle with a Jesus fish sticker on the back window.

What a tough idea to struggle with. Is this person a huge hypocrite for not following what his sticker says? Or does this person not truly follow Jesus because they battle with some traffic on the road? No! Of course not. It is important, not to get caught up in the times we have missed the target. What us as Christians call this, is sin. God has set a standard yet none of us have reached it 100% of the time. But praise Jesus because He is the perfection. Even amidst all of the things done wrong, He came to love us and by the Holy Spirit, to redirect us back to the love of the Father.

Praise God for His unrelenting search for our hearts and lives. He is worthy to be praised!!! What a beautiful Father we have!