"Mission 108: Nonprofit Fighting Human Trafficking" by Brittany Ross

Hi ATFCM readers!

I’m so pleased to be writing to you. I’ve known about you and the tribe that Steve has lead for months now and I’ve been praying for you since I heard about the movement.

I’m Brittany Ross, Founder and CEO of the non profit, Mission 108. I am a full time wife, activist for the vulnerable, and part time speaker, writer, and world traveler.

I married my high school sweetheart, former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and current free agent. Any baseball fans out there?! We’ve been married for seven years and together for 12. He is the love of my life and the reason I am able to pursue my dreams.


We were born and raised in Kentucky. And now we live the adventurous life of the MLB. Last year we lived in Florida, Boston, and Kentucky. Now as we take on this new adventure of free agency and awaiting a new team, we are in Kentucky for the off season. We will see where we move to next! We move at minimum three times per year. Traveling has been my greatest teacher and reward. I’m so blessed to be able to travel the country with Robbie as he plays baseball, and the world as I work to empower women and children, fight human trafficking, and teach young men how to be advocates for those they love.

Mission 108 is a 501c(3) anti human trafficking and human rights organization. We support aftercare and prevention programs all over the world. We currently have partners in India, and the U.S and have done work in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Africa. My heart is heavy for vulnerable populations. With women and children being at the top of the list for victims of human trafficking, I get to spend a lot of time with incredible survivors who have taught me what it means to overcome and choose joy. We support a safe house program in northern India. This safe house is our longest and strongest partner. Because India leads the world in human trafficking, we knew laying roots and supporting locals on the front lines was exactly what Mission 108 needed to do. We take teams to visit the safe home and explore a new culture in India learning alongside those that fight this darkness everyday. Our partners are some of the strongest light makers in the world.

All of this started several years ago, recognizing a need for connection among the homeless community in our hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. We spent several years learning and serving homeless men and women in Central Kentucky when three years ago the doors open to branch my passion for doing short term missions well with working with the vulnerable. My journey led me to Uganda to work with hard working women that were supporting families despite the rising human trafficking rates in the area. From that trip forward, I spent all my time learning about human trafficking and from there grew a small tribe of people that had the same vision.  My first trip to India did something inside my soul that words can’t describe. I was undone by the heaviness of human trafficking, but also by the way God was clearly and evidentially working in northern India. Our motto in the first years was and continues to be these two things: “We Belong To Each Other.” And go to the places that miracles exist.


We Belong To Each Other is our tag line. We are all just walking each other home. Our job as humans is to love. The human experience can be completely described as desiring to love and be loved. Every decision we make at Mission 108 is first covered in, through, and by love.

We are surrounded by miracles daily. We joke with each other that either everything in life is a miracle or nothing is at all. Of course, we believe everything is miraculous. Life is covered in the divinity of the Trinity. We are just thrilled that God invites us into that every single day. And the first step is just bearing witness to His precious miracles. To wake up each morning and know miracles begin and end within the lives of those that we see, touch, and talk to daily. We don’t have to go far to find the miracles. The people we share meals with, the ones that sleep in our homes, work with us, go to school with us, are all on purpose. They are your miracle.

Beyond that, nature, sunshine, music, so many things God gives us are miracles. We’ve been lucky to experience both the everyday miracles and the supernatural. We’ve seen the healing power of Jesus at work in India and we will keep returning until slavery doesn’t exist.

My hope for Mission 108 and for all of you is that we recognize the miracle that our lives are. Teaching people their value is a huge part of mission 108’s work. When people ask me what does a woman in India and a woman in America have in common, I always say we all long to be seen and known, heard and loved. Connection. We long to belong. When we all come to terms with how much the Father loves and adores us, we then have everything we need to go and tell others how much the Father loves and adores them. My goal is just to empower those that have been considered voiceless. What I love about A Time For Change movement is that it gives power back to the powerless. It’s a reminder that there is no such thing as a voiceless person. Every person has a story. I’d be thrilled to know yours.

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I can’t wait to meet you!