Neutralizing the Enemy

A few days ago, I was talking with my brother about warfare and how it would be impossible for me to go kill someone; regardless of the reason. He explained to me that in war, when you take out someone who is hurting people, it is not considered a negative action but an action to neutralize the bad.

This idea was revealed to me how this is what Jesus did against the devil. Of course He went in and crushed the enemy, took the keys back to the kingdom and to the hearts of those in this world. To deliver them and give them a new life. Without Jesus giving up His life, we would still be under an attack. But one thing that we are not, is under the enemies control anymore, as followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many Christians myself included, get caught up and assume that we are still in the hands of the enemy. But this is no longer true, praise be to Jesus Christ! May we learn to live in the freedom of being set free, in our new life, with second chances. So beautiful. Unconditionally loving. Forgiving. and God is full of love. May you walk in freedom today and walk in love for one another.