PB&J Day Take 1 - Hemming Park, Jacksonville, Florida

This past Tuesday, we collaborated with a local Community to go out and feed the homeless in Jacksonville, Florida. We had two cars and six people. For about an hour, we prepared and left the house of preparation with:

> 40 hard boiled eggs
> 50 chocolate chip cookies (homemade) 
> 50 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
> 60 water bottles

As we parked in the downtown Jacksonville Area, we walked by a few construction workers and many business people. Yet, in the midst of all of this business, there were fifty, if not more, homeless people gathered in the middle of Hemming Park. From young kids all the way up to older men and women, there was many mouths to feed and many hearts to lift up. Joel, one of the leaders of this Community, would administer prayers for healing to the hurting. One woman was healed of neck pain and another of jaw pain. Praise God!

We had the chance to talk with and hear stories. One great one, was from a man named Ned. Talking with Ned, he explained that he was well aware of the love of God. He would quote Bible verses left and right. But when asked why he was out in the park, his mom, who was right next to him, said, "Alcohol." What a sad fact. However, this is something that consumes many lives in this world. One from our group ended up praying with Ned and before we left, gave him a pair of Polarized sunglasses, as his eyes were very glossy (possibly glaucoma). Continue to pray for Ned's addiction to alcohol and for him to lean upon Jesus for all the strength and wisdom to leave this situation.