Peace Among All Men (Who Surf)

One of the greatest opportunities we have to shine the light in this world occurs during the times of indifference with someone. Well recently, I was in a bit of an indifference while surfing in a spot I have been going to for years. Just so happened I cut someone off, similar to cutting someone off in traffic. This guy was pissed!

Before we both got back out to the lineup, there were obscenities flying my direction and to be honest, was not sure whether or not a physical altercation was going to happen (not my plan). Hearing all of the words being yelled in anger, I decided to approach the surfer and asked him what was wrong. He explained what I had done.

NOW, in these sorts of situations, we have really two ways of reacting. We either fuel the flame of anger with more anger (from me) OR we apologize and seek to make this situation a peaceful one.

All praises to Jesus, I decided to go the peaceful route. I apologized and told him my plans were not to cause any hostility or make anyone uncomfortable or unwelcome to this surf spot. He said that an apology was all he wanted. We continued surfing and right before he got out, he paddled up to me and said, "Hey man, I just wanted to apologize for overreacting earlier."  This was such an amazing thing!

Honestly, it blows my mind that someone tried to fight me, seeing as I seek to be a peaceful and genuine person. But to see a once angry and frustrated person reminds me that in this world, we are not called to change peoples hearts. Jesus does that. But what we are called to do, is to walk according to how Jesus walked; this is, in part what it means to follow someone. To love God and to love one another.

All glory and praise to Jesus for this desire to bring peace into the situation! Go out and LOVEONEHEARTATATIME!