Psalm 106

          "Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!" - Psalm 107:1

This Psalm and it is such a beautiful example of how good our Father God is. The author writes about how even though God led the Israelites out of Egypt (the land they were enslaved in) the people turned their backs on Him. But even in the midst of having their back turned to God, when they got in trouble and cried out for help, He heard their cries and delivered them from the hand of their enemies. 

If you are walking in a difficult time of life and have had your back turned towards God, turn back around. Praise to Jesus for His sacrifice, that God sees your potential and not your past. He loves you and wants to lead you and love you again. I struggle and turn my back on God oftentimes too. It is a sad reality when I remember all of the beautiful things He has done in my life. But He is worthy to be praised and honored and personally, I have to tell myself this daily, hourly, sometimes every moment. He is God but is also a loving, forgiving, merciful Father. We must never forget who our Creator is. He is not distant but ready and willing to be a part of your life tonight and I pray tonight you remember all of the love God has for you!