Quit Focusing on The Circumstances: God's in Control

Some people go to church and are spoken to by their leaders about how bad the world is getting. Where is the hope? Where is the trust in God? Why aren't they realizing the Heaven inside of them instead of the circumstances around them?

I think this comes back to a much needed look into the heart and intent of a father for His children. Why would he send His Son (Jesus Christ) who then sent His Spirit (Holy Spirit) to dwell inside of us to just stay like most people of the world; in fear, worry, anxiety and doubt.

No, this should not be so. Jesus said I come to give life and life to the fullest; while the enemy (the devil) comes to seek, kill and destroy. I think our words and homilies and sermons for some churches need to change.

We are to be fountains of living water, not vessels of destruction. You are to be lifted up and encouraged by your brothers and sisters, not torn down in despair and fear and uncertainty.

God has a plan for your life! It is good. It is beautiful and amazing. While some assume the world is going to hell, I am seeing more celebrities, friends and family members coming to follow Jesus Christ.

I don't know about you, but I am pretty stoked for what God is about to do in this world!