Running the Race

“We love Him, because He First loved us. - 1 john 4:19

Why then do we go through seasons in life? Personally I think its from what people call being double minded. Sometimes I desire to run after what the world offers, other times, my desire is to follow God and His will for my life.

The way I envision it is it’s like we are running a race. We are at the Starting Line but the Finish Line for the two decisions are different. To run after Gods will we must run north but to run after the world we go south. Making a decision to run down will move us further away from the will and plan God has for our lives; once we realize this, we may experience sadness and frustration but are taken to make yet another decision.

Do we ask for forgiveness, reach out to the unconditional love and guiding hand of God for help and to readjust or do we believe the lie that we have gone too far from him and continue to walk further south?

This is where Jesus’  dying on the Cross becomes applicable to life. He didn’t come to be a symbol of a religion but as a example of the Father God’s love. When we falter and make mistakes, He cleanses us; He died for the sins and shame we may have, but He also came to give freedom and direction in life from the Holy Spirit.  It is amazing when we realize that God doesn’t see us the way we may be accustomed to seeing ourselves.

What the world offers and tells us is not what your true value is. God knows your true value and worth and when you realize this, life will become much more beautiful, joyous and purpose filled.

The last direction we can take in this race of life is to just run north. Reason that this is the last one is when we run the race towards God, I don’t believe we can ever get back to the Starting Line. Nothing the world offers will ever be of such appeal that we run so far from God. Granted it may feel that way to many people. But when you realize that God has been with you the whole time, you realize how much He loves you and wants to be a part of your life.