A few days ago, I was driving through the downtown area and I passed a woman wearing a sweatshirt that read “Smile.” I was on my way to church and for some reason, this really struck me. I started to think: How often are we smiling? Do we make sure we are smiling? Do we realize how much our smile speaks to others and changes the situations we are in?

My brother told me he once read something about how when you are depressed or sad, to bite on a pencil. The reason for this is that it forces you to smile. Within a few seconds, your whole focus can change because of your smiling. The reason I want to write about this is because I do not believe that God has created us to live upset or with sadness. Don't get me wrong, it is alright to grieve at times, but to be sad is not okay with God our Father.

In the Old Testament, the Jewish people were given things to do to try and atone (pay for) their sins; animal sacrifices, fasting, lighting of incense. But in the end, people came up short. We could never meet the perfection that God requires us to meet as His children. This is why, I believe, He sent Jesus. Jesus came down to live the perfection God requires and then, He willingly gave His life up to be a sacrifice for us; to be the atoning sacrifice, or the perfect sacrifice. Because of this act, we can be forgiven of our sins and receive back our true rights, inheritance, potential, sonship and daughtership with our Father and Creator.

THIS should cause us to Smile! THIS should immediately and always bring us joy. When we receive and remember the love of the Omniscient, Omnipresent God, the difficulty in smiling and having joy will become an impossibility.


I want to lift you all up and encourage you to know that God loves you and is with you always (Biblical). His Holy Sprit is speaking to you, sometimes you just have to listen and quiet the rest of the world around you. And the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is your free ticket to freedom, joy and a life greater than you could ever imagine.


It is not okay to not smile

It is not okay to be sad

It is not your destiny

It is okay to love

It is okay to be free

It is okay to change environments

It is okay to change this world

Lets change this world

Lets love together

Lets pray together

Lets worship together