The Groom Who Blesses Homeless People On His Wedding Day

This past weekend, I was absolutely blessed to be a part of one of my best friends from colleges' wedding. Throughout the years, I have seen Jesus changing his life in every way imaginable. His name is Spencer and over the past few years, we just bounce encouragements back and forth, of how we should be leaning our hearts more into loving Jesus and people. One afternoon, as we were moving things around in his car, I saw a bag of clothes, he said, "Steve, I would really like to help the homeless. I have a bunch of clothes and I have a gold and a silver watch that I want to bless someone with!"


Spencer knows my life and what I do and it was beautiful hearing and seeing his heart for homeless people; we were of the same Spirit and it was amazing. On the morning of his Wedding Day, we took a drive to the local grocery store to get some coffee and bacon. I mean, who starts a Wedding Day off without these two? Crazy, I know. As we were driving home, we passed a man sitting on the side of the parking lot. He had a sign but was not waving it. We drove past him and Spencer stopped the car, looked at me and said, "Steve, we're gonna bless that guy today!" He turned the car around and we parked right next to the spot where he had been sitting.

He opened his trunk, grabbed the gold watch, the bag of clothes and walked over to the man. "Hey, my name is Spencer and today, we are going to bless you!" Before we knew it, the man was tearing up. He explained what he was doing and actually handed us a pamphlet to invite us to church. What an amazing thing. We thought we were going to be blessing this man, and he would receive it, but he was actually very concerned about us knowing the love of Jesus. What a beautiful, selfless person he was. We were of a kindred Spirit and the love and compassion he was showing us was amazing.

After talking for a few minutes, I introduced myself. The man shook our hands and said, "My name is Ted." Ted. The name for the man who was blessing us in a way he may have been unaware of. Spencer and Ted talked for a while about life and things that they were a part of. Work. Cities they lived in. Getting married in a few hours. There was talk of surfing, traveling and life yet the general theme of the talk was centered on the love of Jesus Christ and what He has done in all of our lives and how we can help others out! I do not think Spencer could have asked for a greater experience to happen a few hours before his wedding occurred.

One of the greatest things about this life is that we have the opportunity to love one another and in doing this, we come to know the love of Our Heavenly Father so much more! When I step out and learn about someones past and hear the current position of their heart, I am blown away by happens when we understand how loved we are. Jesus came to do this! Jesus did not walk this earth to point fingers! Jesus did not come to just walk the Earth, die and disappear. Jesus came to reveal the heart of the Father and true truth of our hearts. He helps us know our worth and seeks to restore the value back into our lives; to help us understand how our Creator and God sees us, loves us and seeks to know us. We can focus on the world and in what we do not have but the reality is that with Jesus we have everything!

May we learn to hold onto Jesus with all we have but not as consumers looking to be blessed but as people who sincerely love Him and worship and desire to talk with Him. That we would speak but more importantly that we would take the time to listen to the one who loves us with a love that words cannot even come close to describing!

I have always thought that by my blessing someone, there lives would be influenced. But what happens when you bless someone who wants to bless you as well? There is an explosion of love and a Heavenly experience occurs that I believe God wants us to see all over! This is why we are to encourage one another, serve one another and most of all, love one another. So go out, love and bless someone today. I guarantee it will affect your heart and your life and your spirit and soul in such amazing ways that only God truly knows! Love you!