The Lords Blessings

Today, I was reading the Bible while listening to some of Misty Edwards worship (this is a big suggestion when studying). Recently, a few of us have started using Strong's Concordance when reading the Bible. What the Concordance does, is it takes a word in English and says what Hebrew or Greek word it was translated from. Today, I was jumping around in Psalms and I ended up backtracking to 1 Chronicles. 

 "And the Ark of God remained with the household of Obed-edom in his house three months. And the LORD blessed the household of Oded-edom and all that he had."  - 1 Chronicles 13:14   

The word I want to highlight is "bless." According to Strong's, this word in Hebrew is barak. We would stop at the translation but the definition is not always the same as we would say in English. Barak, does mean "to bless" but it also means "to kneel".  Last year, Housefires and Pat Barrett wrote a song called Good Good Father. They express how our Father is so good! Well in this word Greek word "barak's" meaning, I can see our God getting down on a knee to be beside us in all times. 

Growing up, when I wasn't six feet tall, my dad would sometimes come and kneel down besides me. Sometimes, he brought food or snacks or gifts brought back from a business trip. Sometimes, it was to help me tie my shoe. Sometimes it was to hug me when I was scared at night of the Witches I thought were outside my window. Sometimes it was to assure me I am going to be okay even when I physically did not feel so good.

What I am basically trying to get across, is that our Father wants to bless us. And I believe, because of Jesus, we are receiving blessings all day, everyday. However, its not always in the physical gifts that the world is so often used to calling "a blessing." It may be to comfort in time of loss. Strengthen in times of battle and despair. Encourage when depressed or shameful. To lift up when the world has torn us down. 

No matter what it is, Our Father gets down on His knee, to bless us, His children. Where is He blessing you today? I pray today and everyday, we seek to be more aware of all that our Father is doing. He gave us Jesus which was the greatest blessing and we must never forget that. But do not think the next blessing to your life only comes when you pass and go to Heaven. Let your Spirit become awakened to all that the Father is doing in your life today. Right now!