The Power of Thanksgiving

Last night I was talking to God (praying) and He was speaking about the importance of Thanksgiving and the importance of walking out the Opposites in Negatives. He said, "When you are lacking energy, go do something that requires energy. When you are feeling selfish, go serve someone. When you are bitter, jealous or angry, go love that person." But in regards to thanksgiving, I felt the Lord speaking about the fact that in this world, thanksgiving is the response of receiving something. But in the Supernatural, spiritual nature, Thanksgiving can be the realization that all is under control and the trust that it is all working to the good of those who love God.

This morning, as I sat there, eating breakfast, I was thinking about the amazing food I had last night, but how many people didn't get to eat last night. I am so blessed to have my family, friends, work, food, shelter. But sometimes I find it hard to appreciate being blind in one of my eyes, having a brain trauma injury, losing friends and family members I love and care about dearly. However, even in the midst of our lives being in turmoil, if we can create the discipline of always being in Thanksgiving, we can turn this life around. I want to encourage you, just like Paul, to REJOICE ALWAYS!

When it is difficult, cry out to Jesus. Not the Jesus who the world says is a killjoy, a loser, a list of rules. But the Jesus who heals the woman who was bleeding for 12 years. The Jesus who healed the blind man. The Jesus who gave bread to the man who was stortly to betray Him. And the Jesus who went to the Cross to die for our sins, to come back and give us the life and strength and love we do not deserve but have been given freely, because of His amazing Love! Praise Jesus. Let us give thanks to Him for all! And let us follow Him into the light of heavenly realms and eternal life.