The Wheelchair

Earlier today, I walked into the grocery store and saw a lady in a wheelchair with a shopping cart in front of her. At first, that was all I saw and didn't know how she was doing this, but then her husband caught my eye. He was standing behind her, pushing her, pushing the shopping cart. And man was that thing full! It really stood out to me because sometimes I feel like we can be held back or lose opportunity to do this based on not only our physical disabilities, sometimes out mental and psychological as well.

Growing up, I was told I have A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This was not an exciting moment of my life. Being in the 5th grade, when the tests were handed out, mine was set aside, and was told I could go to another room to take the test. It stinks to have that spotlight on you but mainly my feelings of being different haunted me. Just because I would rather look outside of the classroom as the waves then listen to a subject I cared nothing about (probably Social Studies) made me different; pretty shortly after I would take up surfing. Whether you are young or old, black, white or yellow,  I do not believe anyone should be treated differently. If it is a health decision that is different. Instead of putting up barriers to corner people in this world, what if we stepped out and opened up the doors of opportunity for those who have been told otherwise?

Seeing this husband pushing his handicapped wife, as they both went shopping was a beautiful display of love. Of course he could have gotten it done quicker on his own, but my feelings are that we are not supposed to live life in our lonesome; and community, friendship, family make this life that much more enjoyable. Beauty is something disguised in this world, it is important that we keep our eyes, mind and heart open and ready to receive what God is showing and speaking to us all!