There Is Beauty In People

I often look back at where my life used to be, and how radical my life was and how I didn’t care about anyone but myself. If it didn’t involve Marcus, I wanted no part of it. I always knew about God because my family was really involved in church, but Jesus was never really my own. I never really knew Him, but I was very familiar with what others thought of Him. Life to me was about hurting others, getting girls, being rebellious, and partying. But then, there was a night I went to a youth conference and got really encouraged, but didn’t experience change. Once I got back, maybe a week later, I had band practice. After practice in the church parking lot, my team and I just started worshiping, and it lasted for about 2-3 hours. As I began to see God touch people, I decided to give it a try, and not long after I was in tears and all I could say was, “ Jesus if you can do anything with my life, please just take it. I surrender my whole life to You, and I want You to make my heart Your home.” After that moment, I was totally set free.

Some of you may be wondering what does this have to do with loving one heart at a time, and I would like to propose to you it has everything to do with loving people. You can’t give what you don’t have, and if you haven’t first experienced the Fathers love you wont be able to show His true love to others. I said His TRUE love, because a lot of us once lived like I did, and just heard the word on the street that Jesus Loves us, and we share His love out of what we’ve heard out of gossip, and not out of what we’ve experienced in our own lives. We are the light of the world, therefore, don’t be surprised if you’re in dark places and people see your light and are drawn to you. It would be a tragedy if these people see your light and they come to the Fathers love account, and you have nothing for them to withdraw from, because you haven’t first allowed Him to make deposits in your own life. I have only known God to be a Father, and I’ve heard so much about Him, yet when I met the glorious Jesus, I met Him not just as someone that gives gifts, not even as someone to just talk to, NOT EVEN as a person that just died to get me to heaven. But when we met, I realized He died to get heaven into me. Ultimately, the first thing I noticed was just that He was a Father that picked me up even when my back was to Him.

When we think of this Christian life, we think of traveling the world, being on a stage, or having some type of fame, MAYBE even preaching to thousands, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s simply about seeing Jesus in the eyes of the person in front of you. For some reason in the Church, we have a culture that says ministry starts when we get on stage, or when someone can recognize us, or when thousands hear our voice. What if this thing wasn’t about ministry at all, and it was simply about Jesus? I promise you, if you begin to keep your eyes on Jesus and began to see people through His lens, there will be this burning conviction that when God said, “ He sent his Son for the world”, you’ll begin to see he meant the whole world, NOT just the people you were comfortable around, not just people in the Church, but every person you walk by on the streets that you think doesn’t have as much value as the people you see on stages, or with all the fame because Jesus likes to make what we think are zeroes into radical heroes for His glory.

So I encourage you, as you finish reading this, begin to remember how Jesus saved you. Begin to remember that one person that stopped for you when you were down, but most off all, begin to get a grasp of what Jesus is to you. As you do these things, allow the fear of what people may say about you fall. Allow all of your insecurities to fall, and lets make our lives bigger then us, and actually live this Christian life with the simplicity of stopping for that one in front of you, looking in their eyes, and seeing the person of Jesus in them. If we see soul instead of bodies, how different would our idea of beauty be…?


By Marcus Marshall October 9, 2015 Marcus is 20 years old and is a graduate of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). He had led different outreaches and ministry teams around the USA and Canada. He is passionate about seeing the fear of man broken off of people's lives and seeing people live out what God intended them to be on this earth. As an evangelist, he trains the church to reach out and seek the lost, broken and hurting come to know their Heavenly Father. Currently, Marcus is serving as an Assistant Outreach Pastor in Tampa, Florida at Legacy Church,.