Theres Always Enough Room In The Kingdom

God is an amazing God and Father. He knows our hearts and our desires because He created us in His own image! Throughout all of our lives, I believe, that He wants us to come to know His love for us, to grow in relationship with Him and to carry heaven wherever we go.

When we are called or moved by the Holy Spirit, it is for reason, not coincidence. God has set up a will for each and every one of ours lives so every path we are called to, He has already paved out and visited. Grace and mercy have been laid out in front of us. The difficulty, is being led to move by the Spirit, can sometimes be different and out of our comfort zone. But this move will help grow us in many ways.

TRUST|FAITH|HOPE: When we move out of our comfort zone, we are taking a leap; to know that what God is leading us into, is not for nothing. We also are not called to go on this journey alone. Sometimes, I feel, when we step out, that is when we come to meet the reality of how close God truly is.

FAITH: Circumstances play a HUGE role in affecting what we are called into. The way we have been raised in this world, is that we look at what we have, and base what we can do on that. With God, we need to look at His inventory, and know that ALL THINGS, He created. ALL THINGS, belong to Him. So that when we we look at our circumstances, bank accounts, material possessions, we can know that if its a God calling, He will take care of you!

HOPE: What I love about being called and led, is knowing that God has the best plans for our lives and that He is showing us those plans! It is not about what we think will be best for us, it is about knowing that He knows what is best for us.  It is a different way of thinking but I believe that when we begin to align our minds and our hearts with heaven and the heart of God, that we will see dreams become realities, miracles like no other and mountains moving in all of our lives!