We Are Heading to El Salvador!

Well, I can't make the title any more self explanatory. We are heading to Mizata, El Salvador with a group of physical therapists, a doctor of osteopathy, a spine surgeon, pre-med students, nurses, assistances, surfers and a videographer. This is the first time that some of us will be going on this medical mission trip but for others this is an yearly occurrence that excites all! From Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador and more, a good friend Dr. Todd Bourgeois has been planning and putting on these trips for years. It is with pleasure to be able to collaborate with them this year, to go love and serve the needy in a third world country.

Many countries in this world are not fortunate enough to have the most basic of medical attention. When a child is sick or person of older age is in need of assistance to be mobile, they just have to work with what they've got. Sometimes it is enough but not always. We will be traveling with over ten physical therapy tables, food, clothes, hygiene products, vitamins and more. Jesus said, “When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” This is a verse often leading us with aTimeForChangeMovement to go out and do missions and outreach. Typically, we are within the United States but are excited to step out across borders. This is an opportunity to love those who are in need but we believe that God is going to do so much more within the hearts and mind of each person going on this trip. For healings of brokenness and restorations of peoples identity, to see who God has intended each of them to be. Jesus will be proclaimed and He is already there, moving greatly! We are excited to ask for and we are expecting more. He is the way, the truth and the life and the foundation of this movement. This week, many are going to come to know and surrender to the love of King Jesus!!

This morning, during prayer, God spoke the word “pergi.” Upon searching for its meaning, it came up that it is an Indonesian word meaning “Go.” Jesus sends us out into the world to make disciples of the nations. Sometimes we get to do this with our words but in this case, we are excited to shine the light of Christ by actions of service, as well as words (for those of us who speak Spanish). We are calling on the Holy Spirit to move greatly within out group and we ask you all for prayers for our journey. For health, protection, encouragement, boldness and compassion for all those we meet.

The heart of God is stirring in people and we are excited to go out to El Salvador with love.

In the words of the beautiful Indonesian people, “Bisa pergi ke El Salvador,” meaning “Take me to El Salvador, please.”