"What Does A Selfless Life Look Like?"

When you were younger or even now, did you ever have a friend who was just selfless? One who would always step in when you were in trouble to take the blame, maybe took on a punishment, just so you wouldn't have to?  Or a friend who, even though you never called to hangout with him, was more than happy to hang with you when you were without friends? Someone who would stand by you even when things got tough, to help you through the difficult times? I bet if we had the power to we would have every friend be this way. Wouldn't you?

So then why does our world have such a horrible taste towards Jesus? Jesus said, "I came that they may have life and have it to the full." He has offered to be the best person we will ever come to know. I know its a weird idea having a friend that isn't physically there. But don't pass on the fact.

If you were on the other side of the world and called your parents, you could feel the love just through the phone, physicality is just something we are used to. I am not telling you to go have invisible friends but love is bigger than we give it credit for. Just as love is not something able to be controlled, contained or held down, so is to who Jesus is. He is everywhere. God is love. Love is God. 

I pray that anyone who sees this will take a leap of faith and see what God is all about. He is not one to yell at you, to push you down, make you feel insecure; we already have the rest of the world for that. I guarantee if you do come to Him and trust in the life Jesus came and sacrifice His life for, your life will not be the same.

At times your life will feel like the records on a DJ's turntable

I promise, once you let God take control of you, the music that comes forth will be more beautiful that you could ever imagine.