Feed The homeless "Pb&j day" 

PB&J Day is the theme for all of our street outreaches to the homeless. It is pretty self explanatory but let me explain some of the details. What we do is each week, we will gather together to prepare Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and build up an inventory of water bottles. Very simply, we seek to do this as efficiently and financially responsible as possible. Buy One Get One Deals at your local grocery store or shopping at Costco or BJ's helps us spend a little as possible while still able to feed many people. Once the sandwiches are all made, we will head to the location we set out to reach. As we are driving, with eyes open, we pray over every individual that we meet. That the Lord would really soften their hearts, break bonds of addictions and restore hope and joy into their lives. Sometimes, when you step into a location, you may feel a presence of oppression. But we know that Jesus is greater and stronger and has overcome the enemy. We cast all of it out! An important precaution and suggestion that we stand by and ask that you would too is that you do the outreach in public areas, where others are around, typically between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening time. Please, do not do this alone either. Have a group of 3-5 or more to join! We would love to have you join our outreach and family and if you are interested in starting a Movement in your area, please MESSAGE US with the subject "I would like to start an outreach in my area!"


Take care of needy individuals and families

If we were to step back from the monotony of our daily schedules, we are sure that you can think of one family who is in need one way or another. Whether it is a sick individual, a loss of a job, death of a family member or just not being able to make enough money. What we at A Time For Change Movement seek to do is to be the light and love in those people lives. Jesus in his ministry, was very rarely going to the rich and the famous, but he sought to go and serve those in need, both spiritually and physically. This is our heart too! Some families may need something as simple as a weeks worth of groceries or help cleaning their house and help with laundry. It is amazing how a clean house can change an atmosphere! While many others may just be looking for a friend to hang out with and share some things that are on their heart. Granted, we are not psychologists nor do we claim to be, but just as a smile can change someones day, we believe an ear to listen or the gift of becoming available for someone else will bring heaven down and change lives. 


visit the sick and elderly

If you were to Google, "Hospital" we are sure you would be able to find one or two within a half hour drive from our place of residence. Within those hospitals, there are many sick people who are in need not just for medication, X-rays and doctors appointments, but they are in need of a friend. Having known a few individuals who spent a month or more in a hospital, it can get lonely and boring. We are also surrounded by people who are a bit older than we may be. As people age, things start to change where daily chores and typical routines become difficult or impossible for some. In both of these situations, what our heart feels is that we can set aside an hour or two a week to spend with these people. You cannot just walk into a hospital out of having a heart to love, that will not get you past security, but ask your friends if they know of someone who is sick. Pray for opportunities to be used. Bring your heart to Jesus and believe me, doors will open! As for the elderly, our experience is that you can sign up to volunteer at a local nursing home. See if that is available. If you are not living near one, go spend some time with your family members who are older. Let us be a Movement based on love for others and a desire to help those who are lonely and in need of help!