Over the past 3 years, we have done outreaches in the following locations:
> Orlando, Florida
> Jacksonville, Florida
> Savannah, Georgia,
> Charleston, South Carolina
> Wilmington, North Carolina
> Washington, D.C.
New York City, New York
> Mizata, El Salvador
> Zonte, El Salvador
> Sunzal, El Salvador
> Tunco, El Salvador

Within the next few years, we plan to expand our outreaches to the following locations:
> Miami, Florida
> Atlanta, Georgia
> Chicago, Illinois

> San Diego, California
> Los Angeles, California
> San Francisco, California
> Oahu, Hawaii
> Bogota, Colombia
> Guatemala City, Guatemala
> Barcelona, Spain
> Sydney, Australia

We are not bound to this list so if you are interested in hosting a Movement, please MESSAGE US with the subject "Host ATFCM in my city!"